Bus driver

For  a large  bus company  (around 100 buses serve 80 lines)  in  91555  Feuchtwangen / Bavaria we are looking for several bus drivers m/f for the regular service.



Transport of passengers and ticket sales in modern SETRA buses with manual transmission



Hourly wage in the probationary period € 13.21 gross per hour

  • Trial period: 6 months
  • Fixed-term contract 1 year (takeover guaranteed with good work performance)

+ Surcharges for Sundays and public holidays (50% tax-free) + extra work

Standard working hours per month 173 hours

Standard earnings at 173 hours = 2,280 € gross (probationary period)

plus surcharges for Sunday work (= 50% net of hourly wage) and holiday work (= 100% net of hourly wage)


Tax situation in Germany:

In Germany, a distinction is made between:

  • Married persons = tax class 3 and (less tax deduction)
  • Unmarried persons = tax class 1 (higher tax deduction)


Net earnings at 173 hours per month (excluding overtime and surcharges):

Tax class 3 (married): €1,750 plus surcharges

Tax class 1 (not married): 1.600 €  plus surcharges


For accommodation in Feuchtwangen you have to expect about 350 – 400 € per month

You will receive the necessary documents for the tax class in your home language and in German before travelling to Germany from Hüser European Recruiting UG. We will then submit these documents to the responsible tax office upon your arrival.


Requirements for applicants:

– Driving licence class D

– Reference number 95

– Digital driver card

– German language skills from A2 – B1 according to Europ. Referencing framework for  understanding with the

Passengers and the sale of tickets necessary



Support with administrative procedures, applications, bank account opening, and finding accommodation by Hüser European Recruiting. We are also happy to support you in the event of family reunification to Germany.